22 New Year’s Resolutions for 2022!

Still looking for some resolutions that you will actually stick to this new year? Check out our list of 22 resolutions to make your 2022 amazing for yourself and others!

 1. Join a Club

    Finding a club to join can be a great way to connect with new people that enjoy the same things that you do. From book clubs, gardening clubs or running clubs – there are so many you can choose from in your community or even online.

    2. Take up Volunteering

    As we move into a new year and continue a slightly different way of living, there are many opportunities where we can help others. Whether it's volunteering at a Vaccine clinic, offering your skills for a charity or helping with community projects – it’s a great way to spread joy and positivity to others.

    3. Read a New Book Every Month

    Travel to a distant land, investigate a crime or expand your knowledge with a new book every month. There are so many books, genres and authors out there, you may discover a new hobby or love for reading. And there’s not always a need to buy new books as you can find many opportunities for book exchanges or can join a library.

    4. Take up a New Hobby

    If you constantly find yourself looking for ways to occupy your time, taking up a new hobby is a great way to solve this! It gives you the chance to get excited about your new activity, learn new skills and develop yourself as a person.

    5. Start a Journal

    The beginning of the year is a great time to start a journal, it’s a fresh start for you to note and record your experiences every day. Journals don’t always have to contain your daily activities but can also include your thoughts, feelings, things you’ve eaten, to-do lists, engagements and much more!

    6. Become a Plant Owner

    Looking for a way to give life and love to others? Owning a plant is an amazing way to improve physical and mental health whilst giving you a sense of confidence AND they look great in your garden or home! Check out our range of indoor plants here.

    7. Change Your Look

    Whether you’re dying your hair a new colour or trying a different clothing style, changing your look is a great way to start the new year. You can try new trends and explore new shops you haven’t tried before.

    8. Reconnect with an Old Friend

    Have you not spoken to a close friend over lockdown or maybe you’ve lost touch with someone? Why not use this year to reconnect and expand your friendships?

    9. Try a New Recipe

    With so many different foods, flavours and recipes to try, set yourself a goal to increase your recipe knowledge with new ways to cook! It helps you save money, allow you to hone your cooking skills and you can try something new!

    10. Hydrate

    It’s always important to stay hydrated and although some sugary drinks and coffee are nice treats, we must always remember to drink enough water. For the new year, why not set yourself daily water goals and keep track of your drinking habits to get healthier?

    11. Pay it Forward

    Did someone do something nice for you last year and you’re yet to thank them? Or did you get a wonderful present for Christmas and you want to give back! Take this month to pay it forward and treat that special person with a thank you present-  we recommend one of our beautiful Zing bouquets as the perfect thank you gift.

    12. Reduce your Carbon Footprint

    Climate change and other environmental issues are still huge problems that we must all do our part to tackle. Look into ways on how you can reduce your environmental impact by just changing a few things in your day-to-day. Go for a walk instead of driving, turn off lights and switches when not in use, reduce your animal product consumption, plus many more.

    13. Random Acts of Kindness

    One of our HUGE passions at Zing is being able to brighten someone’s day, whether it’s through a special birthday present or sending flowers ‘just because’. Performing a random act of kindness, like sending a gift or helping someone out can spread positivity and is an amazing way to make you and your friend feel good!

    14. Learn a New Skill

    Ever get that thought, “Oh I wish I knew how to do that…”? Well, now is your chance to solve it! Learning a new skill is a great opportunity for self-growth and can be used to benefit many parts of your life. It could be a new sport to improve your fitness, a new language to help you travel or a new tech skill to help with your career – the possibilities are endless!

    15. Reduce Your Exposure to Negativity

    Being exposed to negativity can heavily affect your mental health so try to reduce your social media usage, news coverage and contact with negative people to start the year on a high note!

    16. Give One Compliment a Day

    Never underestimate the power of a compliment. A simple ‘Great Job’ or ‘You Rock’ can go a long way especially when someone is feeling down. It’s also helps to build relationships and since smiles are contagious, you’re sure to get some joy from sharing a compliment too!

    17. Go Somewhere You’ve Never Been

    Maybe there’s a country you’ve always wanted to visit or a city you’ve always wanted to see, now is the time to make plans on how you’re going to spend your year! You don’t even have to plan to go abroad, perhaps you can try that café down the street you’ve never been to or go for a walk in a new park?

    18. Reduce Your Social Media Time

    We’ve already spoken about how reducing your social media time can have a great effect on your exposure to negativity, but it has many other benefits too! Less time online frees you to explore new opportunities and hobbies and can have an amazing benefit to both your mental and physical health.

    19. Start Saving

    It’s always a great time to start saving but if you’re still putting off opening that saving account, here is your sign to do so! Limit your coffee intake each week or try not indulging in some of your favourite snacks, the money you save from these small changes can eventually build into larger savings.

    20. Donate to a Charity

    Because of the pandemic, a lot of charities will be struggling to maintain funds and staff to get them through this difficult time. If you can spare a little cash why not donate to some people in need? Or if you have some home items or clothes you don’t use anymore, donate them to a charity shop or a clothes bank.

    21. Get Healthy

    Getting healthy is something we should all aspire towards and although many people aim to get physically fit for their new year’s resolutions, there are also lots of other ways to slowly improve your health without jumping into an intense gym membership.
    • Cut down on sweet treats and confectionary.
    • Walk instead of driving or public transport.
    • Make sure to drink an extra bottle of water a day
    • Take 5 minutes for some meditation or self-reflection

    22. Treat Yourself

    We’ve all had an intense two years and as we continue living in these strange times, treating yourself (and we don’t mean chocolate 😉) can be a great way to benefit your mental health. Book yourself a spa day, take some time off work for a short break or regularly indulge yourself with a gift– our flower gift subscriptions will surprise you with a new bouquet to decorate your home each month!

    What did you think of our 22 resolutions for 2022? Let us know in the comments if you’ll be taking part in any of our suggestions! Plus, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more news, tips and special offers for all our Zing customers!

    By Zing Flowers

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