April's birth flowers: daisies and sweet peas

Just like that, it's April. Easter's month this year, where we relish in the four day weekend, stuff ourselves with chocolate and pray the weather holds out to stick the barbecue on.

The fourth month of the year brings us two new flowers for anyone born in April. One you'll likely be familiar with since you were a child, and the second is a garden favourite. April's birth flowers are the daisy and sweet pea!

Daisies, latin name Bellis perennis, are part of the Asteraceae family just like sunflowers, chrysanthemums and even artichokes. These sunny flowers have dozens of different meanings, perceived powers, and folklore, we could dedicate an entire blog to it. 

There is a bit of a common theme with childlike innocence, as daisies symbolise sentiments like playfulness, creativity, purity, simplicity and gentleness. It was once believed that placing a daisy chain around a child would protect them from being stolen by fairies. 

Lathyrus odoratus, the sweet pea, has slightly more sentimental meanings, such as strength, friendship and delicacy. The sweet pea is loved by gardeners of big spaces and small ones, thanks to them being climbing plants that can grow up fences, trellis, and frames, blooming into riots of colours and heavenly fragrance. 

Either of these make for a wonderful birth flower gift, whether you give someone seeds to grow their own or a jewelry pendant with one of the blossoms engraved in it. However you give daisies or sweet peas as a gift, they are sure to charm and delight someone born in April.

By Beth Cox

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