Best DIY gifts to pair with your flowers 🌷

Some would say flowers are the best gift, and we would agree! However, sometimes you may want to go the extra mile for that extra special person in your life. 

Here's our five favourite DIY gifts to pair with your flowers...

1. Photo Album 📸

Photo albums are a great DIY present because they’re so easily personalised and customised. You can pop to your local arts and crafts shop, pick up some supplies and get crafting your birthday book, anniversary album or even congratulatory collage. Why not try your hand at pressing flowers for a floral addition to your special photo album?

2. Baked Goods 🧁

Baked goods are a great addition to pair with flowers, because who doesn’t love a sweet treat?! Food and flowers are a timeless combo and perfect for any gift giving occasion – birthday biscuits, get well soon scones, or even some congratulatory cakes. If baking isn’t your thing, there are some great online shops to buy from. We think some Nummy’s donuts pair perfectly with our blooms.

3. Spa Gift Set 🛁

Fancy a pamper night? DIY spa gift sets are a great gift because you can tailor it to your Valentine's needs, dress it up just how they like it and then pair it with some fresh, fragrant flowers for the real spa experience. This gift is perfect for lockdown because your loved may not be able to get to the spa, so you can bring the spa to them!

4. Mason Jar Vase 💐

mason jar vase is a great, eco-friendly gift for a flower lover – it also makes a great, thoughtful last-minute gift. You can grab any clean, empty jar lying around your home and decorate it perfectly for your gift receiver. Paint it to fit their bedroom, tie some decorative string around it to fit their kitchen or even attach some funky fabric to complement their living room – the options are endless!

5. Snow Globe 🎁

Feeling a bit more advanced? A DIY snow globe is a great, eco-friendly way of preserving a memory. It uses household objects and creates something very thoughtful and personal. You can put all sorts of memorabilia or pictures inside to customise it for a particular gift giving occasion. Sit back and see their favourite flowers and favourite memory sat right next to each other!

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