Our Top 5 Last Minute Gifts Delivered in Time for Christmas! 🎁🎄

Christmas is fast approaching and many of us will be looking for those last-minute gifts for each of our loved ones.

If your still on the search for the perfect present, then look no further as we have 5 top gift ideas you can order now just in time for Christmas!


1. Home is where your PLANTS are… 🪴

Whether it’s Christmas, a Birthday, Mother’s Day or any special occasion, a plant is a great gift for any time of year AND they bring many benefits to the recipient too!

Like a bouquet of flowers, plants can be a beautiful addition to your home and can use their bright colours or greenery to tie together any room. Plus, they last all year round, so are the gifts that just keep giving.

Plants can also contribute to improving both physical and mental health with their ability to improve air quality and have calming effect on their owners.

Finally, having something to help grow and look after is a great way to improve self-esteem and confidence as plant owners can proudly say they have helped that plant to flourish.

You can check out Zing’s range of plants here.


2. Take your CANDLE and light the world… 🕯

Who doesn’t LOVE a nice, smelly candle? With their wonderful scents, ability to add some decoration to a space and longevity – they’re an essential to anyone’s household.

Candles also come in all shapes, scents and sizes so they’re a great way to show the thought and care you can put into a gift. Browse through a range of colours, sizes and jar shapes to find one that will fit right in with the house décor.

Then take time to choose that perfect scent that will fill their home every time the candle is lit. Are they a baker who loves the smell of vanilla? Or maybe you want to add a touch of the season by picking a Cinnamon Spice scented wax? 

View our range of small gifts and stocking fillers to see candles, chocolates and scented diffusers.


3. Life is like a SUBSCRIPTION BOX; you never know what you’re gonna get… 📦

Here at Zing, one thing we love about subscription boxes is the surprise you get when it gets delivered each month. Not knowing what will be included in your next box or which bouquet will turn up next is a great way to amaze your loved-one with something new each month.

Another great thing about subscription boxes is the HUGE variety available. You can find all sorts of monthly, yearly or weekly gift boxes from Make-Up and Food to Clothes and Books.

Whether your loved one is into baking, sewing, health or fitness, there is a subscription box for everyone.

You can look at our 3-Month or 6-Month Flower subscription here and even surprise that special someone with a new bouquet for Christmas and many more months to come.

It will feature, The Kindness bouquet, The Friendship Bouquet and our very own Signature ‘Zing’ Bouquet.


 4. Good things will happen to those who drink BUBBLY… 🥂

Whether you’re looking for THE perfect gift for a wine lover, searching for something extra to fill up their stocking, or looking to avoid turning up empty handed on Christmas day, you can’t go wrong with a Bottle of Bubbly!

Send them to the vineyards of France with some Champagne or give them a taste of Italy with some Prosecco, you can find our selection of wines, Prosecco, and Champagne here.


 5. Where FLOWERS bloom so does hope… 💐

We couldn’t finish this list without including our most favourite products...Flowers!

Whether you’re lucky enough to be able to be with your loved ones this Christmas or having to spend it apart, sending flowers straight to their door is a great way to treat them and show you’re thinking of them. 

Choose from our range of Letterbox Flowers or our even larger, luxury Christmas bouquets!

Our gorgeous blooms are guaranteed to bring in the scents of the season and brighten up any home over the festive period.


Which of our festive last minute gifts was your favourite? Let us know on our socials and make sure to order now to get your gifts in time for Christmas! 

By Zing Flowers

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