12 home-made gifts you can make for Mother's Day

At Zing Flowers we’re always looking for new ways to add a little zing to those special moments– you know, the little extras that add a lot but don’t have to break the bank. Mothering Sunday is a great chance to treat those extra-milers in our lives and we know that hand-made gifts go down a treat! In fact, according to one survey carried out by Mumsnet, 37% of Mother’s say they would love a handmade gift from their child. So, we have come up with 12 different handmade gifts you can create to make Mother’s Day that extra special!

1. Mug Painting: Make that morning cup of tea extra special by creating a lovely personalised mug for Mother’s Day. You can add your favourite image or test out your art skills by painting it in your Mum’s favourite colours. Whatever you choose, we’re sure that personalised touch will go down a treat.

2. Hand-made Card: If you’re feeling extra creative, why not opt to create your own Mother’s Day card this year rather than buying one? There are lots of handy tutorials online to give you some inspiration – plus it might help save a few pennies too!

3. Sweet Treats: Fancy yourself a star baker? Surprising a loved one with some delicious home-made treats is sure to bring a smile to their face! Here’s a link to our favourite brownie recipe or if you prefer something savoury, why not try this delicious recipe?

4. Photo Album: Mother’s Day is a great time of year to bring out the old photo albums and share memories. Perhaps you could create an updated album with all your favourite photos over the years – yes that means printing out photos from your phone too!

5. Vase Decoration: Flowers are the most popular gift for Mother’s Day but why not make it extra special by creating your own personalised vase? Simply get some glass paints and craft bits and you’ll be able to decorate and personalise a vase just for them!

6. Motivational Messages Box: Mother’s Day is all about making your loved ones feel special. Creating a box full of handwritten messages, quotes, memories or simple ‘thank yous’ is a lovely way to make them smile. Plus, they can always go back to the box and feel loved every time they read the messages.

7. Self-care Kit: Our lifestyles continue to get busier and more hectic, so ensuring you have some ‘me time’ and monitor your self-care is becoming increasingly important. Putting together a mini self-care kit filled with little treats like face-masks, bath bombs, candles and many other small luxuries is a great way to help your loved ones take some time for themselves.

8. Home-made Perfume: Did you know you can recycle your flowers and use its scent to create a scented, water-based spray? Check out our blog post on ‘3 Great Ways To Recycle Your Flowers’ to find out how to put together this luscious gift.

9. Healing Stone Pouch: For those who are particularly spiritual, a lovely gift could be a personalised pouch full of different healing stones and crystals.

10. Tie-Dye Scarf: Does your mother-figure love bright colours? Purchasing a tie-dye kit and a plain white scarf allows you to colour and customise a special accessory just for them.

11. Memory Collage: Imagine having all the things you love put together in a gorgeous collage. This could range to photos, colours or even tickets – a wonderful way to share memories together this Mother’s Day.

12 Knitting: Is there any other way to show your creativity, determination and hard- work then through a hand knitted garment? Perhaps you could make a blanket, a hat or something for their home?

What hand-made gift will you be creating for Mother’s Day? Share with us on social media @ZingFlowers

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