There’s nothing quite like seeing a person’s reaction to receiving a bouquet of flowers.

Flowers are a beautiful way to treat a loved one as well as adding some colour and brightness to a room. Here at Zing Flowers, our florists are passionate about delivering the most beautiful and best blooms available.

Sadly, fresh cut flowers don’t last forever – however we’ve included some handy tips to ensure you can enjoy your flowers for as long as possible 🌸

1) Cut the stems at an angle

Before arranging your flowers in the vase, don’t forget to trim the stems. The best technique is to trim around an inch at a diagonal angle (which allows the stems to absorb water more efficiently).

Preparing the stems helps them take up water quickly. For the best results, try cutting the stems under water and retrim them every other day.

2) Remove guard petals and leaves in the water

When placing your flowers in water, ensure that no leaves fall below the water line – not only will your flowers look lovelier, but this will prevent any bacterial growth.

When you receive a flower delivery, you may also notice that some of the outer petals are not as colourful as the rest – these are ‘guard petals’ which protect your flowers as they travel. Removing these will allow the flower to open up fully.

3) Change water regularly

It’s important to keep your bouquet hydrated. After trimming the stems, fill the vase with room temperature water. Every few days, retrim the stems, clean out the vase and fill up with some fresh water.

4) Avoid direct sunlight

Your flowers will last longer in a room with cool temperatures, so be sure to avoid displaying them in direct sunlight or near heat.

5) Don’t place near a fruit bowl

Yes, that right – avoid placing your flowers near fruit. This is because fruits release ethylene gas as they ripen, and this can poison the flowers - so store the fruit bowl elsewhere!



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