Find the perfect match 🌸 the best gifts to pair with your flowers 💐🎁

Here at Zing Flowers, we believe in the Power of Flowers!

We know that flowers are an excellent gift however, we also know that sometimes you want to go the extra mile for a loved one. So, we've compiled a list of our top 5 gifts to pair with our beautiful blooms. Enjoy! 

1. Sweet treats 🍩

Perfect for the people who just can’t say no to sweet treats! Treats such as chocolates or truffles are a great gift pairing with flowers. In fact, we offer a lovely selection of different sweet treats under the ‘gifts’ section on our website, which make the perfect pairing with our bouquets and letterbox flowers. Alternatively, if you want to go the extra mile you could also pair your flowers with cupcakes, donuts or brownies. In fact, we recently teamed up with Nummy, a lovely vegan treats bakery to giveaway the ultimate Halloween treat package. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and be the first to see our future competitions!

Why not pair your sweet treat of choice with our delightful Happy Birthday bouquet...

2. Jewellery 💍

Perfect for the people who love an accessory or two! Flowers and jewellery are a timeless combination that just go so well together. Just like flowers, jewellery is a very versatile gift that can suit all sorts of occasions. From Anniversaries to Birthdays, from Mother’s Day to Valentine’s Day; necklaces, rings and earrings are a personal and thoughtful addition to your beautiful bouquet.

Why not pair your jewelled gift with our timeless Mixed roses...

3. Savoury snacks 🍝

Perfect for the people who love to host family and friends! Just like sweet treats, savoury snacks are a perfect pairing with flowers for those who don’t have as big a sweet tooth. There are plenty of gift options for those who can’t resist a savoury snack. Hampers can come in all sorts of styles; from cheese and crackers to savoury jams and chutneys. For people who enjoy cooking, gifts such as cooking kits and food subscription boxes make a fantastic present. A great brand that offers these types of gifts is Pasta Evangelists who can send gourmet artisan pasta through your letterbox. Who doesn’t love pasta?!

Why not pair your choice of savoury snack with a stunning centrepiece like our bold Red Anthurium...

4. Bath and body sets 🛁

Perfect for the people who love a home spa day! For those of us who can't escape to a pamper day, we've got the next best thing. Nothing says treat yourself more than a pamper set and some flowers. You can personalise your gift to what this person loves – it could be a face masks and flowers kind of night or maybe a bath bombs and bouquets night. The choice is yours and the possibilities are endless! This kind of gift is perfect for all sorts of occasions from Christmas’ to Birthdays and even get well soon gifts.

Why not pair your peaceful pamper gift with our beautiful Pink Perfection bouquet...

5. Candles 🕯

Perfect for the people who love a nice smelling home. Flowers and candles are a great combination for people who like a bit of luxury and relaxation in their life. They are a staple gift and work great for all sorts of gift giving scenarios. Alternatively, you could pair one of our houseplants with a candle and gift them to someone who has just moved house. If you’re buying a loved one some fresh smelling flowers, a lovely scented candle is a great addition!

Why not pair a lovely, sweet scented candle with our Scented Double Lilies...

Here at Zing Flowers, we want to ensure you can you can stay connected with your loved ones no matter the time of year. Find the perfect gift for any budget and any occasion. Shop the collection today. 


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