To celebrate Bonfire Night, we’ve been looking to the skies for flower inspiration! Just like arranging a beautiful bouquet, a fireworks display is all about putting the right colours, textures and themes together to produce a show full of colour and impact.

In fact, some fireworks are actually named after flower varieties! So to mark the 5th of November in style, we’ve listed four of our favourite firework-inspired flowers! 

Spider Chrysanthemums

It’s easy to see where this variety of flower gets its name: stringy petals that closely resemble the legs of a spider. We think it has an astonishing resemblance to the first moment a firework explodes. What’s more, the lightened tips of the petals give a different burst of colour, almost as if they were lighting up.


The agapanthus flower is a very vibrant blossom, sporting lots of small, bell-like flowers protruding from the centre. The beautiful purple buds shoot out in every direction, like an explosion!

Pincushion Protea

Turn this beauty upside down and we think you’ve got the last moments of a firework - the moment when the sparks of colour are raining down after the initial BANG!

Gaillardia Commotion Tizzy

These flaming flowers remind us of the dancing flames that surround the bonfire on fireworks night. Bold reds add drama to any bouquet, but these extravagant flowers are sure to steal the show.

 Enjoy the fireworks and flowers this bonfire night and don’t forget to follow us on socials @ZingFlowers. Check out more news and blogs here. 

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