Wedding Flowers: Advice from an expert florist

Wedding flowers has been and continues to be a key part of weddings for many years. With the different seasons, styles and personal preferences (which are always changing), the most wonderful part of wedding flowers is that they are unique and special to you.

If you’re planning your wedding this year, our lovely expert florist here at Zing Flowers has some tips for you. Take a look at them below. 


In your experience, what tends to be a top pick for wedding flowers? 

I would say there are five top picks for wedding bouquets: White roses, Hydrangeas, Sweet peas, Peonies and Stephanotis.

What is your favourite season for wedding flowers? 

Late spring and early summer are when Lily of the Valley and Sweet Peas are in their blooming glory. They bring so much fragrance which will definitely make your day one to remember.

How would you go about designing a wedding bouquet? How would you stand out?

When designing a wedding bouquet, I really try and create the personality of the bride.

After spending time with the bride, you understand what she wants and how she has always imagined her wedding day to be - romantic, chic, wild, sexy or vintage for example.

The bouquet also needs to match the style of the dress, as together with the bride’s personality these aspects help to create a wedding bouquet that really stands out.

How would you pick the perfect colour scheme?

A lot of the direction comes from the initial discussions with the bridal party, taking into consideration the venue, the season and the theme.

A country manor house in June would be perfect inspiration for summer flowers in whites and pale pinks giving a country feel, but the same venue in December would completely transform to a winter palace in pure whites, berried foliage and season pines. 

Do you have any advice for those looking to design wedding flowers on a budget?

    Please do not plan your entire wedding in the first week of your engagement. First, look for the venue, dress and think about the theme. A bride’s bouquet has to work with the surroundings too.

    Every single season has different flowers which could be used in the wedding bouquet.  Always list ‘must have’ or ‘would be nice to have’.  Your bridal bouquet is the centrepiece of your wedding florals — it's the accessory that will accompany your beautiful gown and will be pictured in every photo, so its design should outshine your expectations.

    Be honest with your florist about your budget as there is a big assortment of flowers around and with every budget, we can make a showstopper wedding bouquet.

    What flowers, in your opinion are a must have for a wedding bouquet?

      Wherever possible fragrant flowers are a must, they will be a wonderful future memory trigger whenever you smell the scent after your wedding day. 



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