World Environment Day

June 5th marks World Environment Day, a day all about encouraging awareness and action to protect our planet 🌎

Here at Zing, we’re passionate about ethical flowers and doing our bit to help - and here's how we're doing it:


Firstly, all our flowers are ethically sourced

Our buying team purchase flowers from Dutch flower auctions, or direct from growers in the UK, the Netherlands, Kenya, Ecuador... the list goes on.

Our buyers don't just look out for great deals on flowers and plants for our customers, but also ensure that the flowers we sell meet our ethical policy and quality standards; we visit many of our growers every year to check.

Life is sweet for a Zing flower. Our flower stems are purchased, conditioned and brought to the UK often within 18 hours of being cut.

The packaging is equally as important to us 

For local deliveries, our arrangements are beautifully gift-wrapped in our vibrant, fully recyclable packaging.

For deliveries further afield, the flowers are once again wrapped beautifully and are then put in our large gift box which will protect them in transit.

If you want to know about how best to care for your flowers, check out our flower care guide!


By Zing Flowers

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