3 tips to help your houseplant thrive 🌱

Every plant has its own unique set of requirements that when met, allow it to become the best version of itself. To get the best results from your plant, we recommend taking time to learn about the species and its requirements - our three top tips below are a great place to start!

Light ☀️

Your plant needs sunlight to grow…

While every plant is different and all have different sunlight requirements, no plant will thrive in complete darkness. If you put your plant in a place where sunlight can’t reach it – such as in a cupboard, in a dark corner or on top of your fridge – it is not going to grow successfully. Therefore, somewhere like a windowsill is an ideal spot for most houseplants to live.

We always recommend researching into the species of plant you have so you can find out what type of lighting it thrives in – whether it needs full sun, partial sun, or shade. You can then use that information to pick its home. 

Water 💦

Both overwatering and underwatering can harm your plant…

Outside weather, temperature, humidity, and pot size can all affect the plant’s watering needs. And while there is no golden rule that tells you how often to water your plants – there is a way you can work out whether or not your plant needs watering.

Simply pop your finger about an inch into the soil and if it’s dry or crumbling, it’s probably time for a watering. Over time you can gauge an understanding of when your plants need to be watered but watch out for mushy or musty smelling soil as this is a sign of overwatering.

Potting 🌿

Your choice of pot has a big impact on the fate of your plant…

It’s not always best to leave your plant in the pot it came in, in fact choosing a good pot is crucial for your plant’s health. So, what are the features of an ideal pot?

Drainage is important for your plant; you want to go for a pot that has some holes in the base so water can easily drain out into the tray underneath. If it doesn’t have drainage holes, the water becomes trapped in the soil and can ‘drown’ your plant. The size of the pot is also important as there needs to be space for growth. If there isn’t sufficient space for the roots to grow into, they won’t be able to support the plant and it will die.

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