Flower Care During The UK Heatwave

Feel like you're wilting in the heat? Flowers feel the same way. So while we're in a heatwave, it pays to give a little extra attention to your blooms so they stay beautiful for as long as possible.

Here's our quick tips on keeping them fresh during the heatwave.

Stems 🌷

  • Trim the base, cutting at an angle to create a larger surface area for the stem to absorb water.
  • Check the water and replace every few days – especially if it's looking dirty as this can lead to wilting faster.


Placement ☀️

  • Keep them in a cool place. Flowers don't fare well when temps change suddenly, so avoid an area where sun might – even briefly – hit them.


Vase 🏺

  • Find a vase with large neck to allow each stem to breathe, and prevent mould building up.
  • Clean your vase thoroughly to prevent bacteria building up, and shorten the life of your flowers.


As for yourself, try freezing a hot water bottle – works a treat!

We hope you're enjoying the summer sun. 

By Zing Flowers

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