30 Ways to Take Part in Global Pay It Forward Day ➡️

At Zing we’re all about how little gestures can make a big difference to someone’s day. So, one of our favourite days of the year is Global Pay It Forward Day, a whole 24 hours dedicated to small and random acts of kindness and sharing the love with the next person you meet.  
 All of us at Zing HQ will be spreading the love on the way to work and with our colleagues in an effort to make anyone we pass smile! Any gesture you make today doesn’t have to be grand or expensive, just a simple way to pass on our happiness – smiles are contagious after all. 
 Check out our top 30 suggestions for you to try this #PayItForwardDay: 

1. Send flowers to a friend, colleague, family member or neighbour!

2. Pay for someone’s coffee - it can be someone you know or a complete stranger! 

3. Give up your seat for a fellow commuter on the bus or train. 

4. Buy or make some office snacks for your colleagues. 

5. Donate some clothes you no longer wear to a charity shop. 

6. Let the person in the queue behind you go in-front. 

7. In a lift with a stranger? Give a compliment to your fellow rider.  

8. Reconnect with an old friend by sending them a message or giving them a call.  

9. Never met your neighbour? Knock on the door and say ‘hi!’ You may make a new friend! 

10. Offer to spot someone at the gym. 

11. Donate blood at your local centre. 

12. Offer a lift to someone you know may be walking or has a long route. 

13. Send an email to an old teacher or mentor expressing how much they have helped you get where you are today. 

14. Write a positive review for a local business. 

15. Offer 5 smiles and even a hello to strangers you pass. 

16. Send a 'thank you' card and gift to your local public services like the police or fire department. 

17. Write a LinkedIn recommendation for a fellow employee. 

18. Skip your morning coffees for a week and donate your savings to charity. 


19. Volunteer for a charity or community project. 

20. Found a funny video or social joke? Share it with someone who needs a laugh. 

21. Surprise someone with a gift ‘just because’! 

22. Experienced some excellent customer service? Let their manager know how great they were! 

23. Return a shopping trolley for someone at the supermarket. 

24. Shop from a retailer that gives back. Whether they donate profits to charity, plant trees or support the local community. 

25. Leave a positive and encouraging comment on 5 people’s social media. 

26. Help a friend or family member with a task they have been struggling with. It could be work, a fear, or a large household task they’ve been putting off.  

27. Swap books with a friend and give each other recommendations. 

28. Amaze someone with a gift subscription where they will be surprised every month! 

29. Donate old towels and blankets to your local animal shelter.  

30. We all deserve some love, be kind to yourself and treat you with a gift, coffee, or short break. 


Will you be trying any of our Pay It Forward suggestions? Let us know on our socials if you take part or are even treated to a random act of kindness yourself. 
Plus, don’t forget to browse our beautiful bouquets, perfect for sending the love and treating someone to a surprise gesture. 
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