What do different coloured roses mean?

Roses are a popular flower and for good reason. Timeless and stunning with their layered folds and silky soft petals, we can’t get enough!

When you think of Roses it’s likely the first thing that comes to mind is the ruby red flower synonymous with romance and Valentine’s day, but these gorgeous blooms come in many different colours.

You can use the colour of your rose bouquet to convey a message or emotion to a loved one. Read on to find out the meaning of the different types of roses so you can choose the best one for that special someone or to set the mood in your home:

1. Red

Bouquet of red roses

The flower of February, Red Roses! Red Roses are a symbol of love, passion, beauty and romance. This love whilst often romantic can also be platonic, familial or to yourself (#teamselflove!).

It’s believed that the deeper the red the more committed to the relationship you are…so maybe not that oxblood bouquet for your first date 🌹

2. White

Wedding bouquet of white roses

White Roses are often reserved for special events and milestones. They frequent weddings and anniversaries as they are symbols of loyalty, innocence, eternity, unity and purity.

You may be wondering why they’re also seen at Funerals? In this instance, white is thought to signify love, eternity, remembrance, sympathy and honour.

3. Orange

Close up of Orange Rose

Vibrant Orange Roses are a symbol of energy, excitement, motivation and passion. This makes perfect sense, as one look at a bouquet of these and we’re already feeling brighter. 

They’re great for expressing your excitement towards someone who has just landed their dream job or in your wfh office motivating you for the day ahead!

4. Pink

Hands holding box of pink roses

Pink Roses are synonymous with femininity, elegance, sweetness and joy. Much like their red counterparts, the intensity of their pink shade can vary their meaning, with more vibrant hot pinks conveying stronger feelings of honour, gratitude and appreciation.

They’re a great way to show appreciation for a Mum on Mother’s Day or given as a token of a budding relationship.

5. Yellow

Bouquet of yellow roses in glass vase

Last but not least, this month’s Florist’s Fave, an ode to the sunshine of summer - Yellow Roses.

Yellow is a symbol of joy, affection, happiness and friendship. Everything we love here at Zing.

They are one of the most flexible and can be gifted for an array of occasions.
Brighten a friend’s day with a yellow bouquet and let them know how much you value their company or place them around your home for an instant boost.


With so many different colours Roses are one of the most versatile flowers around. The possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating and gifting these beautiful blooms.

From birthdays and anniversaries to promotions and just because they will never fail to impress anyone who receives them!

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